9 tips to get win an internship on Internshala, Let’s Intern and other platforms.

how to crack internship at internshala

Someone told you about intern shall, probably your friend, your faculty or maybe an internshala campus ambassador.

You have created a profile

and now you are applying for companies to get an internship,

You applied day 1,

You applied day 2,

You applied day 3,

One week has passed but no one has called in fact the worst, no one has shortlisted you.

Well, The reality is Internshala is a great platform for students to find internships and companies to find interns.

But, it’s also a well-crowded place where thousands of students apply for limited number internships(in 100) availed by tech companies, startups.

Having 1:10 insight makes the selection tough for students and allows companies to be picky about skills.

But, don’t feel bad about that, instead, feel competitive. Understand that you are unique and most importantly understand what HRs look while selecting a few candidates from a stack of applications.

In this article, We are sharing some of the internal data, the backend side of the intern shall so you can understand how the intern hiring process works.

While having an overview, you will also get to know that why we as reputed digital marketing agency rejected more than 90 intern applications and selected only 4 of them for content writing and digital marketing internship!

You are shocked, aren’t you!

We selected four from ninety, which means the competition is even tougher.

Don’t panic, Be smart.

Understand some of the golden nuggets we are sharing in this article and execute them before applying for your next internship.

They will increase the probability of your selection by a greater percentage.

Having said that, Here is the first one

#1 Experience matters, Doesn’t matter even if it’s small

I don’t have any experience” is the very common answer students give but understand that the very first 2 things we see on the application you submit is the answer to the question “Why should you be hired for this internship?” and “Experience“.

This is the most important and top spot of the proposal, it should have everything which makes the HR interested in looking at the best part of your application.

What you want to do for the company than just telling “I want to join this internship because I want to gain some experience”.

Where do you fit in the company as an intern?

Do you know anything about the company that just the vacancy? If so, mention your research, observation, and improvements.

Remember not any coming grammatical mistakes at all. If you doubt your grammar then you can use the free grammar checker chrome externship Grammarly.

Tip: If you are applying for a content writing internship or digital marketing internship then make sure you have a blog and you have done some kind of content writing and digital marketing on the same.

If you don’t have any blog then create a free one on wordpress.com, it takes less than 20 minutes to finish things up and make it publically available.

Once done with blog creation take this free content to wring course and publish few articles. Make sure you don’t copy and paste from any other site. Write what you understand and the way you think is best to represent.

Once you have the blog running with 3-4 articles on it, You become the top 15% among while 100% applicant.

Now, you just have to compete for the 15% not the rest 85%.

But, to in the top 15%, make sure you have shared your blog URL while applying for the internship.

#2 Proof to Prove

In most of the cases, I have seen people promising things like

“I am the best for your company”

“I can deliver the project on time”

“I am the best that the rest”

That’s fine, We as an employer can give a try as well on your ability but why should I select you even if we already have a set of people who are the best fit.


How to get visibility for digital marketing and content writing internship and start apart from the crowd?

1. Take any FREE course (See FREE Courses on udemy)

2. Once again, Make a blog and write on the topic you like(the FREE blog is completely okay).

Write a few articles about technology, digital marketing, SEO in your understanding. You don’t have to be super professional, showing your knowledge in your words in grammatically correct English is completely okay.

Tip: You can mention about the free course in your application. It improves the visibility of your application.

#3 The detailed answer

Don’t just give a three-character answer “Yes” to the three questions especially when you are doing this for a content writing job/ Digital Marketing job.

Don’t answer a long question with an objective answer. We hate it and remember at the end you have to do something related to content where you have to write content. The detailed and formatted you write here the better application it becomes.

Your eagerness, willingness to do job and creativity tell a lot about you.

If you will write short answers which is quite common to people, definitely your profile will not be rejected.

#4 Past work Experience and URLs


A big reason for Not getting calls from companies can be you haven’t mentioned your past experience. Repeating again: if you are seeking an internship for digital marketing then you should represent your experience through your blogs even when you are a beginner.

When we ask experience, it doesn’t just mean some corporate experience but also your experience of the work you are looking for, your personal interest in the work.


#6 Your Achievements

You should mention the achievements related to the job unlike putting some random quizzes you have won.

If you are seeking a digital marketing internship and showing you’re the running competition you won in high school then it won’t be relevant.

Rather if you create a free blog, watch youtube videos on youtube regarding your role and write 3-4 articles and mention the URL of the blog in the profile.

Experience is the key and it is represented in through blogs for writers and digital marketers, though GitHub for programmers and drawings for architects.

#7 Represent yourself real

Be real, represent what you know. We love to hear from people that they don’t know XYZ things and we understand that you are a college/school student and you might not be aware of corporate culture and that’s absolutely fine.

Many times we reject profile where students bluff about their perfection and represent themselves as the perfectionist.

#8 Conclude with strong points

When you are making a checklist for proposals or answering questions like “Why I should hire you?” mention all the points you are good at.


  • Experience: ie: An article you published on the college blog with URL.
  • Relevant Achievement: The writing competition you won on the XYZ topic.
  • Your Knowledge & experience: You are knowledgeable on SEO but you have never done before.
  • Knowledge vs Experience: You understand social media marketing but haven’t done before.
  • Achievement: You have a simple Facebook page where you have published memes and got thousands of like in xyz amount of time.

Doing this will highlight you once again and you will be the one in top priority.

#9 Stop Bragging “I’m a fresher and I don’t have experience”

I understand that you have not worked with any company, but you can create your own experience for an internship like digital marketing and content writing on your own.


#10 Spend Time while applying

You are applying for an internship in a company, you are the one who can be rejected or selected.

The complete authority is in employer’s had to select you or reject you but that decision is taken by looking at your profile, not like a politician.

If you represent yourself the best there are good chances that you will be in.

Here is an example of a good application for a content writing position. There are few mistakes but we ignore them as you are a fresher.

acceptable application

#11 Not sharing the right URL

This is what you do when you are a beginner. You end up sharing a URL of your work which requires extra permission request and then your approval to be seen.

No one has enough time to do that. The hR will simply ignore your profile becuase they are other people in list who have shared their correct URL.

# Freshers Don’t Get Calls

It’s a myth and a student who is looking for an internship opportunity shouldn’t keep this negative thought in mind at all because an internship itself is the first experience for a greater segment.

We look for people who are hard-working, who can dedicate themselves to learning and explore new things.



Experience has the top priority, Mention it in every case with a link where we(startup/companies) can know more about you.

Do not answer in short words ie: “Yes” too big questions like “Do you think you are fit for the job?”.

As a content writer, you should give proper reasons “Why are you fit?”.

That’s all,

Hope this article will help you in understanding why experience and representation are important and enlightened you on ways to achieve them.

If you have any question or queries, you can comment below or contact us through social media page. We will be happy to help you with our free time.

How to crack internship at internshala_


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