5 myth about digital marketing

myth about digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a process of improving your business presence online to generate more sales.

But question is,

Are you doing Digital Marketing in the right way to produce the maximize your revenue?

Do you know the right path to do digital marketing or still struggling with the Myths people shared you years ago.

Well, You might have knowledge in digital marketing but there are many things you might be knowingly or unknowingly telling wrong about digital marketing.

So we compiled this article to give our loyal readers to give a better clarity of what’s right and what’s wrong.

5 myth about digital marketing

#1 SEO Is Dead

Damm! This is big and there are many people who say the same but No I do not agree with the point. SEO is not dead and the maximum number of quality I get from my website is Google. SEO has not changed it is just that the algorithms have made it run in a different manner.

A digital Marketer must have to understand that the days are gone where he was using linking networks to rank in few days. Now you have to provide real content, doing on page SEO, and the link building to get ranking on Google. Someone might disagree with my points but remember this is important because the black hat technique you might be using will run for a while and future boom, it will be nowhere on the top 100 pages of google.

#2 Clicks are Awesome

Clicks are not awesome, they can be called fake goals, you will do nothing with the click if you aren’t getting any conversion. You should focus on Qualified leads which will be awesome for your business.

Sales are awesome as well but if you are focusing on Clicks then it’s just a start 5th thing in digital marketing where you have to reach the 7th position to grow your business.

#3 Target Everyone

This is the process what traditional marketing was being done, if you are doing the same then you are doing a mistake. Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn gives you a lot of data, flexibility to target your audience. The probability to make the campaign fail can be at next level if you aren’t targeting your business.

#4 If You Build It, They’ll Come

This is what I personally thought when I was getting started with my first website but later i realized that building isn’t enough until you start promoting your content and out your product service in front of people who have problems.  It’s sad. We see companies invest big bucks in developing creative, smart, responsive websites and then not marketing them.

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#5 One person can do all

Many product service companies think is they will hire one digital marketer he/she will be able to handle all the digital marketing work. But it doesn’t work in that way, this process not only increases the price to be paid to an employee but decreases the digital marketing efficiency as well. DIgital marketing itself is an ocean and getting perfect in every service might not be something one can be perfect at.

To save money and make the work concise and effective one should always hire a digital marketing agency which it will benefit the company. You may hate hiring any digital marketing agency because your past experience wasn’t good with them but believe me there are many companies which offer value and delivers the best they can.


5 myths about digital marketing