Top 7 Reasons why you should start doing SEO

    According to a analytics report published by Hoku Marketing
    1. Nearly 80% or more customers research online before buying a product.
    2. Amongst all the organic traffic that comes to a website, 92% of it comes from the results displayed on the 1 ‘st’ page of Google SERPs.
    3. SEO increases the visibility of your Google My Business listing.
    4. SEO can assist you with increasing your conversions by improving the user experience and usability of your website.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic that arrives to your website through the organic search engine results.

    Let us see why SEO is important for your business and why you should start doing SEO right away.

    Top 7 Reasons why you should start doing SEO

    1. Nearly 95% of people won’t scroll past the First Page of Google SERP

    According to the statistics by backlinko, the first result on Google’s SERPs is 10 times more likely to get clicked by a user as compared to the 10 ‘th’ result. 

    Whenever we search for something, we naturally click on the first top results and ignore the other results. If this happens, you won’t get traffic to your website and this will affect your business. In order to bring organic traffic to your website, you must take assistance from SEO. 

    2. Organic Search is better than Paid Search Ads when it comes to conversions

    As discussed above, it is important that whenever a user searches for a relevant term, your website should come in the top results on the search page. Paid advertisements can help you with this.

    Paid search advertisements have their own benefits and can assist you in generating traffic. But people trust organic search more than the PPC ads. According to Hubspot, Organic traffic is 5.66 times more  likely to bring conversions than the paid advertisements. 

    SEO helps in bringing relevant traffic to your website. This establishes credibility, trust and loyal relationships with your customers.

    3. SEO is free

    With the help of tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, SEO is free of cost. 

    Google Analytics can help you determine as to what your customers are doing once they visit your website. Google Search Console determines what the user searched for and how he landed on your website. This information is important in determining the performance of your campaigns and making relevant changes.

    4. SEO can help your organization in making well informed business decisions

    With the information collected from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can shape your business decisions. Once you figure out the behaviour of your customer, you can decide how to convert them. 

    For instance, if your user is a 55 year-old male who lives in a certain part of the country. You can generate content which is specifically customized towards that user. SEO can help you in making informed business decisions.

    5. Search Traffic contributes to 50%-70% of your total revenue

    According to a research by BrightEdge Technologies, out of all the traffic coming to your website from paid search only 15% of it generates revenue. Whereas, from the organic search 53% generates revenue. 

    You can get organic search by better optimizing your SEO.

    6. SEO helps in strengthening customer’s relationship and trust.

    With just minimal efforts, SEO can help businesses develop fruitful relationships with their customers. 

    When your business shows up in the top results of Google’s SERPs, it is due to relevance and quality content. This helps in building the customer’s trust. Once you have the customer’s trust, you can work on building the trust and credibility of the customer. This can turn your website visitors into potential customers.

    7. Search Engine Optimization builds a long term audience.

    Search isn’t a one-time solution rather a continuous process of building the audience’s trust and credibility. 

    Google constantly keeps on updating it’s algorithms. The more relevant or popular your content is, the stronger your SEO will become with time. SEO helps the businesses in providing relevant content to their visitors which builds an audience over time.

    Paid advertisements deliver short term results for a high price. But, for long term trust and credibility of your customers, you will need SEO.

    Thus, for startups and established companies that don’t want to invest in large scale advertising, SEO is the best way to build a brand.