13 reasons why your business needs digital marketing

does your business needs digital marketing

With the evolution of technology, businesses are doing whatever they can to stay in the game. Big names mostly run on brand name. With the advancement in the world of marketing, other companies are not very far off. Brick-and-mortar businesses are converting into online stores. Investing in the wonders of digital marketing is finally allowing them to reach their desired profits.

Digital marketing is a powerful tool used for promoting products and services through the internet. It is a tool that businesses can use to reach their target audience. Every product has a specific set of customers. These customers can be easily reached through digital marketing.

This article aims to make you understand why digital marketing is a wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that can help grow your business.

#1 Digital Marketing levels the online playing field

A few years back, small businesses could only dream of getting extravagant sales like those of the multinational companies. Today any business can reach anyone in any corner of the world without the need for local stores. Thanks to digital marketing.

Individuals are constantly creating products. These individuals can spread a word about their products through digital marketing. When the playing field is level, all that matters is how you present your product/service.

#2 Digital marketing is cheaper

Imagine yourself selling a product without the power of the internet. It will become a cumbersome task to make people aware of the awesomeness of your product. You would have to invest a lot. Flyers, banners, door-to-door salesman are just some options of the check-list. Still, you would, probably, only reach a handful number of people. At the same time, you will have spent a lot of your precious resources.

Introducing yourself to the amazing things that digital marketing can do can pump up your sales. Maybe more than you ever expected. That too with a lot less investment.

#3 Better leads to sales conversion ratio

You can run a website, get all the clicks and inbound links and still have little or no sales. Without conversion, all the traffic that you get will have no value. Digital marketing helps to convert leads to sales, likes or subscribers depending on the purpose of your website. The more you can convert, the more you will earn. Hence, leads-to-sales conversion should be the topmost priority of your business. Digital marketing helps you attain just that.

#4 Better revenue

Higher conversion rates are directly proportional to better revenue. An effective digital marketing campaign can prevent all those traffic to go in vain. As a result, you will be earning a lot more. Digital marketing lets you talk about your product or service in a way that people would understand. It helps showcase not just the product but also the efforts behind it. People love when you share your personal experience with them. Ding! Go check your bank balance.

#5 Better interaction with customers

interaction with customers through google maps

We all know that door-to-door salesmen are not paid much heed to. This is because people are more interested in what their phones have to offer. Digital marketing allows a business to interact with its customers better. Not just that, people can opt for keeping their identities hidden while offering feedback. Non zero sum game. Customers feel more at ease knowing that their voices are heard. Probably, with just a click of a button.

#6 Reaching target audience becomes easier

Through digital marketing, reaching your target audience can get as easy as chatting with your friend on your favourite social networking site. Through their promotion techniques and plans, sites like Facebook and Instagram make reaching your target customers a lot easier. On the same hand, customers can directly contact you through the social media pages. This makes them feel secure and at ease that they are in direct contact with the company.

#7 Opens a gateway to mobile consumers

Desktops are almost a thing of the past. Today, a large amount of traffic is witnessed through mobile devices. Digital marketing opens a gateway through which a business can interact directly with people who use a mobile. People have their mobiles in reaching distance and when your business sends them a mail with a lucrative product/service, they are sure to check their phones. Just make sure you are not spamming them with daily e-mails. Nobody likes those.

#8 Builds brand reputation

Digital marketing is considered powerful for the fact that it has the ability to attract targetted customers. These types of customers probably already know about the product/service you have to offer. As a result, delivering what you promise will not only make these customers trust you but also help build a better reputation for your brand. A satisfied customer will tell friends and family about your product/service. This creates a chain of incoming traffic. Happy reputation building.

#9 Better returns on investment

Digital marketing aims at maximising return on investments. Traditional marketing can take loads out of your budget and still have lesser ROI. Digital marketing can be easily tracked and monitored. As soon as targetted audience provides their contact information, you can be on your way to convert those leads to sales. Moreover, digital marketing requires a lot less investment. Therefore, returns on investment go up.

#10 Earning people’s trust

Digital marketing relies on social networking sites. People can see your company’s page or social profile to understand your story. Being original and strategic in your approach can make more people trust you and your product. The more the people interact with your social media pages the better the company-client relationship becomes.

#11 Entices people to take favorable actions

The targetted audience will interact with the website like they are expected to. Proper digital marketing strategy can make other people take favourable actions. Calls-to-action suggests customers what they can do next on the website. With the help of calls-to-action, a viewer can go from signing up to the website to finally buying the product. Always take proper care of what your customers have to say. Always take feedbacks into consideration.

#12 Makes you ready for Internet of Things

“Internet of Things” is a global ecosystem of connected devices- from phones to refrigerators, vacuum cleaners to electronic plugs. Proper digital marketing can help you prepare for the future where everything is connected. The Internet of Things will have 24 billion gadgets by the year 2020. People will be able to interact with your product/service through everyday things in their daily lives.

#13 Ensures online business survival

Today, for a smooth running business with desirable profits, digital marketing is a must. Without digital marketing, your business is bound to fall face first to the ground. The company has to listen to what customers and the general public have to say. What most of us look for is online approval of a company. Digital marketing is the only way to achieve that.

In conclusion, you must understand that digital marketing has become the most important part of a company in today’s world. Make sure you don’t lag behind. Hope you get your digital marketing strategy on the right track.


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