How to do Digital Marketing for your StartUp?

digital marketing for startups

You have a startup and you may gain a great success in future too.

You might also be having a website for it and, congratulation for having a live website!

But let me ask you a hard question?

How many people know about your startup?

You may say, All the friends and family.

But let me tell you a bitter truth, they are the exact wrong audience to share about your company.

You share your idea to the people who are facing the problem you are trying to solve and the investors who would like to invest in getting the problem solved than just your friends and family.

Think of your future customers. Do they know about your awesome product which is going to solve their problem!

No! Almost no one knows about your startup except you and your friends!

If your answer is “NO” then you should immediately take action to improve your business Oe startup presence online.

When I say putting business presence online, it’s not just about building a static OR web application and putting it online but it’s more about attracting customers to the website without any personal connection.

You should start building your business presence online even before the first version of your product. When you do that, your audience will be excited about the product you will be launching.

To build an audience who will love your product, your virtual product should have existence on the web. Your company should appear on Google when people search solution of the problem your organization want to solve.

How to build a startup presence online so people know about it?

Putting business presence online is one of the most important things to do when you are a startup.

Of course not just creating an account on the different portal will attract traffic and people to your startup but by creating a website, writing content that will be loved by people and doing SEO definitely will.

How to build an effective business presence online to get thousands of people visiting your website?

  1. Make your website live
  2. Develop a Blog
  3. Create Social Media Pages
  4. Start Optimizing your website for SEO
  5. Join Active communities
  6. Start connecting people on Quora
  7. Ask their problems and Share your solution
  8. Build your audience in Facebook Pixel, Google Remarketing Audience
  9. Market your product online

How to do SEO for a startup?

SEO for a startup is no different than doing a magazine.

A magazine usually has a bunch of articles which helps people to grab useful information. You startup blog can be another helpful blog where people will know about the problems and solution they are facing.

To get started with article writing, You can research on the problems your audience is facing and write high-quality content focused to help them to solve it,

We at StablX consider any startup is not just a startup but a great set of minds trying to solve a problem which was never solved. Because you are the people who are trying to help people and make them live a better life.

Now let me share you some of the online marketing techniques which will not just help you to gain visibility on social media and other channels but also on Google.

Appearing on Google for relevant keywords can alone bring you thousands of free traffic in no time.

Not getting enough traffic is common issue startups and new business owners and it happens because people don’t care about building a business presence online initially. No doubt no one is going to download your app unless they get to know about your app.  This issue is usually faced in the initial stage of their business unless they find right for of marketing.

I say years because they don’t know how to do it OR if they know they don’t know How to get started?

In brief, let me tell you How can you build your business base without spending a penny

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is a brilliant way to market your product and services for free. It takes a minimum of 3 months to see any visitor on your blog but not bounded by 3 months you may see a traffic break under 3 months too.

The blog is a business asset just like your reputation in your market, and market value. It remains with you until you delete them and serves you with a big number of customers who never heard about your startup.

Here is a small result of having traffic flow after we developed the blog for this client and improved the ranking which was going lower and lower.

traffic after blog development and article publishing

How to rank website higher on Google and get more traffic


Start Publishing Article

Publishing article! You never did any! 

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a professional journalist to write an article. You can just start writing about a common problem and it’s solution on your blog and it will help people to solve their issue.

Be focused and Publish content about the problem your startup and business is solving and connect your product and services without looking like a marketing freak. This is a brilliant way to grow your business presence and loyalty online.



SEO, Sear Engine Optimization. a procedure which helps your business to rank higher on Google and other search engine and brings you thousands of visitors for FREE. 

It is also the biggest channel which has the ability to go beyond the word of mouth and break the stereotype of getting limited leads.

SEO basics procedures can be done by anyone by writing an article but if you want to intensely focus on traffic generation in the least time possible then contact SEO, they will help you to build a base which will drive thousands of traffic to your website.

You will never know How much traffic you can get until you let people visit your website and let them read your content?

We tweaked the result and it was hiked in a few SEO technical changes and Off Page SEO and the traffic increased bt 17% in a week.

a lot of traffic


Talk to social media

SEO is great for the startups who want customers who are actually facing problems and searching for the solution on Google. But if you are solving a problem where people are not much aware of the solution then it is recommended to invest some time and budget in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing will help you to gain an audience and let millions of people know about your idea in the least time possible unlike boundaries of search engines.

Social Media Websites like Facebook gives you the ability to target people based on location, interest, employment, behaviour and other 47 important parameters allowing you to target almost any audience possible.

Publishing and sharing content in facebook groups is not a bad idea but if you aren’t targeting the right audience.

It has the ability to go viral in no time if you do it precisely.  

Do analysis before you get into direct marketing

Doing a depth analysis of the database you have and whom to call and connect will help you to improve the conversion and have control over resources.

Deliver the best

And the end everything matter is you, your service and the customer who will but the service.

If you are an industry where you expect people to repurchase your product and services then you should focus on the experience.

Deliver the best experience possible and the customer will come back to you.

That’s all!

Do you think I have missed something which will help startups to build a business presence online?

Let me know in the comment section below.


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