Workforce Optimization

A website is the first asset in other words the first virtual office your customers visits to know more about your businesses. An informative and well optimised website converts visitors does the job to make a great first impression. A well defined and designed always fulfills the need of visitors and encourages to take action.

  • Audience: Audience/Users of the website should be the primary focus while designing the website not just the industry standards. When ignored, the webiste results in high bounce rate and low engagement among users. We at stablx, belive in this theisis and implement it on the very initial stage of development action plan.
  • Design: Design Implementation of the website should be done considering the audience, language, location and experience to achieve the result.
  • Context: Context is imporatnt and one should never ignore the powers. In terms of business, content on the website define if the consumers visiting the website should take action or visit an alternate.
  • Accessibility: The architecture of the website should be easy to navigate not just for the users for also for search engiens.

Analysis report

Get a website tha suits or business and delivers the performance to host millions. We design experience websites that are responsive, search engine optimised and ready for marketing on the delivery.

Task assignment strategy

Requirement analysis is a proces of understanding the whole in, out and processing of the system and the interface. The process includes understanding the end user experience business want to deliver, backend users who will be managing the website and understanding the processing which happens inside the system.

Architecture developement is a process of creating an engineered skeleton of a future system. It defines how different parts of the website will be arranged and organised and developeed to achieve the output.

Development is the process where a design & architecture is converted into code to build the actual website. The process involves convesion of pseudo code into programming language to buld the backend and frontend of the website.

  • Process
  • Management
  • Strategy

Provides the statistics of the different quality scores and the scoreboard can provide information on various aspects of operational efficiency.

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