Custom Development

A common solution doesn’t suit all types of businesses. Sometimes you need a little different, you need it to be unique, and sometimes you want the existing system to be integrated with applications. STABLX does that fulfillment by helping you prototype, design, and develops software to fulfill your special need. 

When you should go for custom software development?

  1. To fulfil your custom need
  2. Gain performance over existing system
  3. Keep you customer data, business application secure

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is the process of designing and developing software for one set of specific needs. Custom software development is generally done from scratch but it can involve a prebuilt software integration to achieve a specific task or cut down the cost of development. Security, Performance is generally are reasons to go for custom software. The growth of SaaS solutions with massive variations and applications in the industry another reason for the recurring cost to the company. 

Companies dependent on 3rd party solutions also chose custom software development to cut the cost and optimise the existing process by developing their own custom software. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Requirement analysis is a proces of understanding the whole in, out and processing of the system and the interface. The process includes understanding the end user experience business want to deliver, backend users who will be managing the website and understanding the processing which happens inside the system.

Architecture developement is a process of creating an engineered skeleton of a future system. It defines how different parts of the website will be arranged and organised and developeed to achieve the output.

Development is the process where a design & architecture is converted into code to build the actual website. The process involves convesion of pseudo code into programming language to buld the backend and frontend of the website.

Client meetings and feature approval is part of the development and the team collaboratively puts effort to make it happen. 

Testing is done by the dedicated team and it can be done by the users client provides to test the product. 

Deployment is the process of putting the product available to the users. It is done by placing the code on the server. After the code is deployed, the server runs 24X7 to avail the service to the customer.

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