Glance at the work done by our designers, developers and project managers.

As a leading consultant company built by STABLX, ACE offers a comprehensive suite of construction services, ensuring top-notch solutions for your projects. With our expertise, we take your visions and transform them into reality with precision and excellence. 

STABLX took on the exciting challenge of building a dynamic website for Mantrang EdTech as freelance developers. The clock was ticking, and we rose to the occasion, delivering an exceptional project within a week to meet their urgent course launch deadline.  thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless and immersive learning experience for students. 

3. Real Recipe

Real Recipe is a world class recipe publishing platform under development. The platform is designed to share food and food recipes targeting users in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Our goal is to do product design, UI UX and Engineering for the team. The product is inspired  by Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon user experience. STABLX team is building to deliver a great experience to the users of this platform for creating and consuming user generated content.

4. Sidhiv Pharma

Sidhiv Pharma is one stop associate for all business pharmaceutical procurement needs from India. Sidhiv Pharma is an international pharmaceutical and chemical export company based in India. We have been in business with 40 years of industry experience and support International businesses, manufacturers and Export Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Impurities, a wide variety of Chemicals, Excipients, Formulations and Herbal Extracts at a very affordable cost.


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