Offline Marketing will shrink by 39% as businesses depend on digital marketing.

The charts shows the share of marketers worldwide who think digital and offline campaigns are important to their overall marketing efforts as of May 2018, by business type. According to the study from Quantcast, 78 percent of global direct brand marketers believed that digital marketing was important to their overall marketing efforts, while 39 percent said the same about offline campaigns.

While advertising in India is already a billion-dollar-industry, the digital advertising segment under its umbrella has emerged as one of the fastest growing in the world. Indeed, the current market trends indicate that digital advertising seems ready to take over print with respect to the market share in the coming years. Even then, traditional mediums like print and television still hold a position of strength in the country today earning robust revenues.

India has embraced the internet with open arms, and its digital population has been rapidly growing in the past decade with over 680 million active internet users . What started with simple email correspondences, has expanded to a digital universe with social networking giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter becoming a part everyday life for millions of Indians.

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