STINMGT01 – Website Management


Keep your eCommerce website up-to-date and optimized. Includes updates, content management, and site optimization.

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Simplify your website management with our package.

1. Regular updates of the website’s content, including text, images, and multimedia.
2. Adding new pages or sections to the website as needed.
3. Managing and optimizing website images and media files for performance.
4. Ensuring website compatibility across different browsers and devices.
5. Monitoring and managing website performance and loading times.
6. Managing user accounts and permissions.
7. Regularly checking and fixing broken links and errors.
8. Handling regular website backups and disaster recovery planning.
9. Managing and updating contact forms and other interactive features.
10. Troubleshooting and resolving website issues promptly.
11. Providing technical support and assistance for website-related inquiries.
12. Implementing and managing website redirects and URL structure changes.
13. Implementing social media integration and sharing features.
14. Integrating new plugins and features to match with business needs.